Royal Bank of Scotland-processed cheque dated 1916(3286)
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Royal Bank of Scotland-processed cheque dated 1916(3286)

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Banking Documents: - Cheques

Stock Item:3286

Description of Cheque.

Date Printed: June 1915 Date Used: 29th April 1916

Drawee: The Royal Bank of Scotland, West End Branch, 9 West Blackhall Street Greenock.

Signatory of Cheque. D C Leslie Senr

Paid to: W & A Bates

Printers: Not known

Cheque No: 76 - handwritten

Size in mm. 200 mm wide x 91 mm high

Colour: Brown on a cream base.

Amount: £6. 6s. 8d

Vignette:RBS Crest -"Established 1727 - Lion & Unicorn bearers around King -"Dieu

et Mon Droit" in banner.

Duty stamp: Red stamped oval One penny embossed

Watermark: None

Other marks: Purple oval hand stamp" Royal Bank of Scotland, West End Branch,Greenock. Paid 3 May 1916" Purple oval hand stamp "The National Bank of Scotland Ltd, Clearing House,Greenock". Endoring stamp in purple between two horizontal lines "The National Bank of Scotland, Argyle Street,Glasgow" Endorsments on reverse "For W & A Bates Ltd - N Miller" - "Endorsement Guaranteed for the National Bank of Scotland Ltd, Argyle Street Branch Glasgow" signed W Aulubaed. Agent

Condition: Good Has been folded vertically. Not bad for over 94 years old.

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