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For Postage Stamps we are using Stanley Gibbons Catalogue numbers.

We specify if from  or Specialist catalogue

We have recently added  Three small collections of Malta stamps- all different interesting lots.
Great Britain stamps including regional varities such as Jersey, Guernsey can be found here.



Instructions for using our Unmounted Rubber Stamps

Trim the rubber as close to the image as possible - do not leave areas of plain rubber as they touch the ink pad and leave marks on your work.

On the reverse side of the image put on a thin layer of Zig two-way glue.  This glue works in two ways: it goes on blue and will stick things together immediately, or if you put a small thin layer on an item, leave it to dry until it has become clear, it will then become sticky (repositionable) . 
You are then ready to proceed with your stamping.

The sticky image will now stick to the transparent acrylic block and you are now ready to stamp.

Using a mouse mat under the card/paper you are stamping upon, ensures that all the image touches the card/paper.
The advantage of using two-way glue is that the rubber image will peel away from the acrylic block easily.
When you have finished, clean the stamp using your normal cleaning fluid/ baby wipes etc.  Depending on how much cleaning fluid has been used the glue on the reverse side of the stamp might be cleaned off – but no worries, when you next come to use the stamp again simply spread a thin layer of two-way glue and follow the procedures already mentioned.

Caution - Be aware that some repositionable glue on the market takes 24 hours to dry which is not you want, and being super sticky makes it hard to remove the rubber stamp from the block and might bend and stretch the rubber out of shape through constant pulling.

The Zig Two-Way glue and Acrylick Blocks are available in this shop.


Please look at our listings of postcards featuring Coats of Arms of United Kingdom Towns & Cities which have recently been added.

Topographical postcards are being added on a regular basis. There is a comprehenive range of British Counties and town scenes  

Listed are general postcards such as Greetings, Animals, Adults, Transportation


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